General Sessions

Sunday, July 14 | 6:30PM-8:00PM

Legislative, Regulatory, and Legal Update 2019: A Very Busy Time in Washington Once Again

PDGM, hospice carve-in, RCD, U-PAC, VBP, rural add-on, and CMPs are just a part of the landscape for home health services and hospice in 2019. Add to that portfolio such matters as Medicaid per capita caps, “Medicare for All,” continued growth in Medicare Advantage enrollment, minimum wage increases, regulatory burden reduction efforts, and a wide range of health care delivery and payment innovations and your head begins to spin. All of this and more is on the agenda for 2019. This is a time of great opportunities in health care with a primary focus on community-based care.

This traditional opening session brings Congress, the White House and federal agencies to the forefront with up-to-the-minute details on the legislative, regulatory, and legal actions. The forecast for the future is very promising!

Monday, July 15 | 9:15AM-10:25AM

HHFMA Leadership Panel – The Future Belongs to Home Care and Hospice

This General Session presents a diverse group of leaders in home care and hospice who offer their views and insights on how to succeed in the ever-changing health care world. The HHFMA 2019 Leadership Panel will address the accelerating changes in health care delivery and financing that necessitate “hands-on” management by the leaders in home care and hospice companies of all sizes. The HHFMA Leadership Panel is the epitome of expertise and each of the panelists will share their vision of what it takes to adapt and seize the nearly endless opportunities in community-based care. Whether it is cost efficiency strategies, health care delivery innovations, new payment models, or management modernizations, these leaders are at the top of their games.  

Tuesday, July 16 | 12:15PM-2:00PM

Financial Managers Open Forum

The Open Forum is the traditional closing session of FMC and your chance to ask HHFMA experts any question you have related to home care and hospice finance. The Open Forum will focus on two primary topics: Home Health PDGM and the future of hospice in Medicare. Anything else covered in FMC 2019 is fair game as the closing session brings all of the expertise of the faculty and attendees together for a “no holds barred” discussion, debate, and creativity-driven solutions session. On top of all that, a delicious lunch will be served!