Capitalizing on Industry Consolidation Trends – How to Find the Best Fit Merger Partner

In the past, home health and hospice providers viewed mergers as a last option to continue to provide services to their communities. As regulations continue to change, and rate pressure continues to exist with both Medicare and non-Medicare payors, there is a greater need to find cost efficiencies. This need is having providers consider mergers as viable strategy to maintain financial solvency as they continue to provide quality care. This session will explore the ever-evolving merger environment, as well assist providers how to navigate the consolidating market place.

Compensation Plans & Staffing

As home care and hospice services have been increasingly recognized as preferred care options, shortages in qualified field staff is a constant challenge. Agencies that can successfully recruit and retain employees will be well positioned to meet future patient growth. The purpose of this session is to explore how the various compensation plans impact staffing and achieving operational goals.

Getting Outside Your Silo – The Global Healthcare Environment

Many providers are focused solely on the specific world they operate in but this mode of operation can be dangerous in today’s health care environment as payers, gatekeepers, and referral sources become more focused on quality, patient experience, and costs across the continuum. To realize full growth potential and overall success, home care and hospice providers should understand the global environment of health care. This session will provide an overview of the key drivers and incentives for all health care providers so home care and hospice leaders can facilitate collaborative relationships across the continuum.

Optimization of Technology

Technology continues to play a pivotal and expanding role in home care and hospice. Whether it’s integration, automation, or interoperability, technology today goes beyond an agency’s EMR and has an impact on every area of agency operations. This session will explore different ways technology is used today, specifically revenue cycle operations, care management, marketing, and beyond. This session will also provide insight into how you can identify if you are optimizing the use of your technology and give best practices for ways to optimize the technology you are using.

Our Best Resource: Employee Recruitment, Retention and Succession Planning

Is your hospice or home health agency challenged with hiring or retaining sufficient qualified clinical and office staff? Is your organization facing retirement or other transition of key leaders? Historically low unemployment rates have led to a shortage of qualified home health and hospice clinical, office and administrative leadership staff. In this session, learn new strategies to attract and retain staff, and plan for smooth leadership transitions.

Positioning Back Office Infrastructure to Prepare for Growth

Organizations, both new and established, are now facing severe reimbursement and regulatory changes; federal money shrinkage; consolidation; and staffing shortages, to name just a few. This session will focus on 1) unlocking performance that will help manage cost in a more strategic way; 2) practical solutions that allow organizations to focus on growth and operations; and 3) overcoming financial challenges faced throughout an agency’s life cycle. This course will help you identify opportunities to focus on business office initiatives that provide the greatest return on investment and provide you better insight into the financial performance of the agency.

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