Education Session Handouts

101. Budgeting – Why Do It? (Handout)
102. Revenue Cycle Management (Handout)
103. Getting Outside Your Silo – The Global Healthcare Environment (Handout)
104. PDGM – Data/Preparation (Handout)

201. Revenue Cycle Management (Handout)
202. Takeaways from the HHS OIG’s Hospice Vulnerabilities Portfolio Report (Handout)
203. Capitalizing on Industry Consolidation Trends – How to Find the Best Fit Merger Partner (Handout)

301. HHVBP – Deep Dive into the Data and CY 2019 Changes (Handout)
302. How to Increase the Value of Your Agency (Handout)
304. PDGM – Clinical-Episode Management (Handout)

401. Efficiencies for Documentation Management – RCD & TPE (Handout)
402. How to Improve Profitability of Hospice GIP Facilities (Handout)
403. Optimization of Technology (Handout)
404. PDGM – Therapy (Handout)

501. Review Choice Demonstration (Handout)
502. Budgeting – Why Do It? (Handout)
503. Compensation Plans & Staffing (Handout)
504. PDGM – Financial (Handout)

601. Managed Care – How to Overcome the Operational Challenges within a Deep Managed Care Environment (Handout)
602. The Changing Landscape of Advanced Illness and Palliative Care (Handout)
603. Our Best Resource: Employee Recruitment, Retention and Succession Planning (Handout)

701. Managed Care Panel Discussion
702. Lengths of Stay Management (Handout)
703. Positioning Back Office Infrastructure to Prepare for Growth (Handout)

801. Home Health Summer Camp 2019 (Handout)
802. Hospice Summer Camp 2019 (Handout)
804. Medicare Home Health PDGM: An In-Depth Primer (Handout)

901. Legislative, Regulatory, and Legal Update 2019: A Very Busy Time in Washington Once Again (Handout)
902. HHFMA Leadership Panel – The Future Belongs to Home Care and Hospice
903. Financial Managers Open Forum